19th June 2018

Beautiful Garden

Radiant-describe person.1  Bewitching-describe smell in kitchen.2

Sitting on the bench I gaze out over the water. Birds chirping waking up the other animals and a soft breeze blowing through the leaves. The sun woke up the water reaching into it and waking all the fish in the city of lake weed. Walking on the path alongside the water was a little girl. On the other side of the water were two people running along to her. She had a bounce in her step and was beaming with joy. She hadn’t a care in the world and was full of energy waiting to be shared with the world. Like the sun she was giving out an energy to the small delicate flowers she passed and the big birds peaking in the ground to feed their chicks.

Looking up I see light reaching around my curtain trying to fill the dark void in my room. On the floor are all my clothes spilling out of my closet and my desk covered with all my unfinished work. Sounds come from downstairs, muffled from my closed door and my still awakening body. Flopping back on my bed I try to remember my dreams and will myself to fall back into my slumber until, my nose tingles waking me right up. I shoot out of bed but fall from the sudden movement. I can’t make out what it is but my nose tells me it’s good. I question wether I should go investigate the smell but with it reaching every corner of the room I know I can’t get back to sleep. I grab my blanket wrapping it around me like I’m a sushi roll and slide down my carpeted stairs. I waddle following the trail of the enchanting smell. Looking on from the corner I see a steaming plate of nachos smothered in cheese. The plate captivates me dragging me towards it blocking out the mumbling words. Sitting in my sushi roll I gorge over the nachos, the taste controlling me sending me into a frenzy. After that first taste I don’t stop.A soft warm glow stretches around my curtain struggling to fill the dark void in my room. Clothes spilling out of my wardrobe suffocating my floor, and my desk smothered in unfinished work. Bangs and crashes from downstairs muffled from the closed bedroom door and my still awakening body. The colours dim and the world starts to get smaller until an odour wafts around my room. Should I stay here while this smell wafts to every inch of this room suffocating me in the rich, succulent smell, or adventure out to find the source of it. I grab my shield, a blanket to protect me from diving into the smell before reaching its location. I wrap my shield around me and slide down the carpeted stairs leaving a tingling sensation. I waddle along following the enchanting scent. Looking on from the corner nachos run through my nasal passage pulling me closer. Covered in cheese I know I am in heaven, I can no longer control myself so I let the succulent nachos run down my oesophagus.

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