“Frozen Charlotte” is a story of drama queen dolls that go rogue which shows what happens when your dolls have dark and deadly desires. It follows the story of Sophie and her journey to uncover the truth about how her best-friend died, the only problem is that she thinks it’s her dead cousin. She goes to her uncle’s house and finds a disturbing secret about Rebecca’s doll set which leads to many dark secrets and the dangerous history of the dolls and their house. This is a book I would advise not to read at night for it will have dangerous consequences.

In this book, Piper , who is a main character, her personality changes drastically throughout. Piper is Sophie’s cousin who is a very similar age to her, she has a gorgeous wavy strawberry blonde hair, and has beautiful emerald eyes with soft fair skin. At the start she is portrayed as a bright, bubbly and thoughtful tenager, but with further along you see not everything is as it seems. When Sophie first arrives, Piper is the only one who seems like they want to be friends with her and make her vacation enjoyable. Piper tries to make everyone around her happy in her dark, dull house. Piper’s father often paints her a mermaid, this was hinted at by her brother, Cameron as a link to mermaid folklore where they sing to sailors and drown men under the water. Beautiful and gentle in the beginning, but dangerous and evil at the end. When she learns more things about the family, Sophie picks up on hints that maybe her intentions aren’t as true as they turn out to be, and Lilias tries to show and explain just how dangerous Piper really is, if only they knew what she really did. Piper’s character developed into something from nightmares, it’s always the last one you expect. She provided to the story in ways and without her, many things would of changed wich would change the plot in disastrous ways.

The dolls were included into the story with terrifyingly precise descriptions. You were able to envision the dolls behaviour and their movement, even when it wasn’t clearly said it was them, you knew it was them. They were talked about through people as well as they tried to form an emotional bond with their victims to make them want to do things. They were described in detail, what they looked like and what they did to make your hairs stand on end. Many times I had to put down the book to stop my imagination going wild about what had just happened. Alex Bell used many language features to portray this such as similes and metaphors such as “it felt like tiny little arms crawling all over me”. They were also personified by Alex Bell, “…their mouths were pursed disapproving…” to give them more humanity and to make you think about what would happen to humans if we did that. For each time they were brought up, they were described about again because every time you saw them they were different and without that extra detail each time, you wouldn’t understand what was going on next. The descriptions of the dolls I’m assuming were quite accurate but I can’t say for sure as I haven’t experienced them for myself. The writing about the dolls left you on the edge of your seat and provided the element of fear to keep you reading more.

Attention to detail was key for this story, without looking closely and you would miss key information. Alex put in a lot of thought into the fine detail giving the reader lots of information to make their own opinion of what would happen next. You could vividly imagine what Sophie saw and what people talked about. Such as, “…there were faint little scratch marks on the inside as if someone was trying to get out!”. There wasn’t just detail in the environment you had to notice, there was also changes in behaviour and what made people tick that was talked about in the story. For some of the detail, it said the detail first before looking closely into it which allowed me to form my own opinion on what and why. I loved how it wasn’t always told as it was and how it made you inference what Sophie saw before it explained it more to you. This book incorporated the poem “A Corpse Going to a Ball” into its storyline and chapters. There was details that came to light at the start of the book and made more sense later on. The book was well thought out in giving you little snapshots of information and slowly reaching out building on the knowledge presented. It was as if you were looking through a dark keyhole, and as more time goes by the sun comes up and you can slowly begin to see more and more until you can finally open the door and see the whole room. You would sometimes even start seeing the whole room as it was, as if you were trying to look for something and then you would walk out and start looking through the keyhole, looking in one part then the other until you had found it. It would switch from looking from detail to detail to then showing you the big picture, to showing you the whole picture then sizing down to the small details. It was fascinating how you would be able to see the big picture and the little details that seem insignificant but in fact is what makes this story so great.

This is a book that changes your life and lets you live another life(but may take one away). This book has mystery and secrecy that you will need some detective clues to find it out before it’s too late. This book is something I think most of my class should read, the reason I say most is because some people might find it too scary, but I also found it terrifying yet still managed to read it because it was so intriguing. There is another book which I am yet to read, it is part of the red eye series which I think everyone should get involved in to find the true secrets of the Charlotte Dolls.

By Ashley

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