28th June 2018

Wonka’s New Room

The light stretches out their hands through the cracks in the doorway. Slowly the light let out becomes bigger and brighter, until there is nothing left to block its path and you can see clearly inside. Emerging through the door frame, you are hit by a wall of heat. Thick dense undergrowth reaches out from the invisible damp floor below, beautiful rough trees like giants tower over you casting a looming shadow, and umbrellas splitting off of branches providing shade from the mysterious sun above. This jungle is alive with music playing at different speeds and a unique rhythm. Insects flutter and buzz around feeding the electricity in the air, birds are calling out to one another flying high and taking a sharp turn, diving towards you! Jumping out of the way the first time saved you, but it might not work again. The birds have flaming red and orange feathers with a cool blue to soften it looking like fire and ice in the leaves above. Their angelic wings amaze you with their grace and beauty like dancers, until they come at you again like fighter planes. This time your athletic abilities fail you and they bite you on the face and legs forcing you to the ground. Who would have thought that parrots could be so vicious, so reaching through your shirt you show them your key card and almost instantly they back off and go back to searching the tree tops. You decide that maybe you shouldn’t trust the animals here so easily, but the problem is that there are a million different animals here. You just have to watch where your going and everything will be fine.

Up ahead there is a smooth murky brown river flowing away between the giants carving a path through the ground. Unlike other rivers there is no signs of danger or trouble, the surface is smooth like ice that you could just walk over, and the water looks so thick that you’re not even sure if it’s water. The gentle flow of the river sways to the music letting of a calm soft sound. Lazily sleeping on it’s bed, the water flows with the current gliding down stream. Walking over you find a rich, sweet aroma hovering around the river, and bending down you see that the river is in fact melted chocolate! Cupping your hands you soon feel the warm sweet chocolate running down your throat. The hot silky liquid makes you feel warm and tingles your insides. It’s like velvet brushing your hand as it drifts past you flowing deep into the unknown barrier of this jungle, like a newborn child it curls around hugging onto your hand.

Then a trumpet echos through the jungle and from the bushes emerges an enormous elephant. It curls its trunk again releasing another grand trumpet. It definitely does not move gracefully like a dancer it instead barges through the forest as an ignorant child would. Using its trunk it reaches up into the thick leaves of the trees and looks for something. Daring yourself closer you take a few steps but stops when the elephant finishes it’s search. Yanking on something hard it retreats back with some berries, but instead of eating them it throws them in the river. Why would an elephant throw food in the chocolate river? As if on command the river flows faster sucking the berries under the surface down the river. Then it slows down again to its original pace. Again the elephant searches high pulling on branches and throwing berries in to the river.

The berries bobbing up and down seemed to call after you to follow. Following the current isn’t very hard, you just follow it on the edge of the bank. Flowers on the river side start to awaken and stretch towards the glowing sun, and waltzing in the breeze. The flowers and fruits sitting high in the trees and low on the ground are so vibrant and alive, but the trees on its own oozing with darkness, almost as dark as its shadows. Some of the trees are bending down to kiss the river, while others seem to be reaching for the sun. All of them are intertwined with each other but trying to escape from the embrace. It seems there is rushing water in the distance but its hard to tell. Until the river seems to just disappear of the face of the earth as well as the rest of the forest. Once you’re finally at the edge and can see the water doesn’t stop it in fact ends up as a waterfall. Pounding water hits the river down below slamming into it with a crushing force. Berries that were thrown in by the elephant now have arrived falling with the chocolate waterfall swirling around in the whirlpool below. The chocolate sucks the cheries down below into the deep unknown leaving you alone on the edge of the waterfall.

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